The Following are Some Simple Steps to Proper Carpet Maintenance:

Soil Tracking Control -
"Place walk-off mats at the entrances to your home or business.  This will help prevent outside soil from tracking and collecting on your inside carpet.  Walk-off mats perform only when kept relatively clean.  Vacuum often."
Spots and Stains -
 "Almost every spot can be removed if immediate and appropriate spotting methods are applied.  The longer the spill is allowed to dwell on the carpet, the more chance there is for permanent discoloration."

Vacuuming -
"Carpet should be vacuumed, at least twice weekly, concentrating on high traffic areas.  Use a vacuum with a beater bar and a high efficiency collection bag. Keep your vacuum in good condition by checking both the collection bag and belt frequently."

"The leading cause of health complaints indoors is lack of proper maintenance."
Monsanto -
"Professional carpet cleaners using steam extraction can keep your carpet fresher and newer looking longer."
Allied -
"Periodic professional cleaning of the overall carpet is recommended. Carpets perform best when properly cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner using specially formulated cleaners developed for your carpet."
DuPont -
"To refresh carpet texture, a process commonly known as hot water extraction, performed by a trained, qualified carpet care professional, is required at least every 18 months. Proof of this service is required for warranty claims."
Shaw -
"Have your carpet professionally steam-cleaned every 12-18 months, research indicates this method provides the best capability for cleaning."


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