Your Carpet Plays a Very Important Roll in
Keeping Your Indoor Environment…


Stylish -
A carpet's appearance sets and controls the personality of a room. The wide array of colors and textures allows a carpet to blend in to any indoor environment.
Quiet -
Carpet absorbs sound and creates a quiet, more controlled, peaceful atmosphere.
Warm -
The insulation value of a carpet and pad contributes significantly to energy cost savings and to the warm feel of the room.
Clean -
Carpet's unique ability to trap and collect soil while still retaining an unsoiled surface appearance minimizes maintenance efforts while it maximizes room esthetics.
Healthy -
Again the ability to trap and collect soil allows the carpet to minimize the amount of soil that circulates in the room air. Subsequent carpet maintenance and removal of that soil completes the air filter cycle.
Vacuuming -
Carpet should be vacuumed, at least twice weekly, concentrating on high traffic areas.  Use a vacuum with a beater bar and a high efficiency collection bag. Keep your vacuum in good condition by checking both the collection bag and belt frequently.


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